St. Pete/Tampa/Clearwater Residents! (Events)


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Hello those guys / gals living in and around this region!

If you have kids, or whatever ... check the bunny train here:
(Their newsletter via email said!)

H&R Trains store

I've been there before, and they have a small play area inside the store --- My little One's love it!
Also, it's cool to go on Christmas time -- they give you a ticket, and if you're number's up you win gifts & stuff! --- It gets pretty crowded, tho!

Anyhow, just a heads-up! :wave:
Cool place to visit and shop for anything trainz! :D

Parents, stop in or bring the kids in for a​
special gift to add to their Easter basket,​
or a gift for a friend.​
Suggestion: A Thomas The Tank Engine​
or one of Thomas's special friends. They​
would just nestle in among the eggs and​
chocolate bunnies.​
Don't forget the older "kids". Browse our​
store for ideas today and Saturday.​
Store hours
Today 10am until 6pm
Saturday 10am until 6pm
Closed Easter Sunday