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Strasburg Rail Road: Work In Progress

Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since I've posted to these forums, but lately I've been getting back into the swing of route building/content creation. Here's some screenshots from my Strasburg Railroad route, which has seen quite a facelift in the past few years.

I am still far off from achieving the look I want across the whole layout, but I have felt I've reached a point where I can begin showing some of its progress. Featured is SRC 89 hauling a revenue freight from Leaman Place to East Strasburg.

Meeting Amtrak 42 at Leaman Place

Beginning the trek out of Leaman Place, passing the new picnic grove area

Approaching Byler's Crossing



Passing over the SRC's only bridge, built in 2011

Climbing the grade towards Carpenter's Crossing, about to pass the oldest cemetery in Lancaster County



Pulling into Groff's Grove
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Continued screenshots from above:


Passing the Cherry Hill station, "Population 17 (More or Less)"

Climbing the grade towards Esbenshade, passing the Cherry Crest Farm

Esbenshade Crossing

Passing Fairview Crossing, and entering the railroad's yard limits


Passing through the yard

SRC 89 getting a drink before heading back to the engine house. I just recently completed the water tower

Wide view of what the station area currently looks like. Additional custom 3D models are set to be made for this area as well as for other points along the line

Heading back in for the day

The update to this route is still a work in progress as I bring it up to TANE standards, including better textures, trees, and additional custom 3D models meant for this route. I will use this thread to update on the progress of this layout, as well as other content that I will continue to work on. With my new PC build, I'm looking forward to getting back content creation!

My Strasburg route started as as a blank DEM in about 2010, which eventually led to the release of "Version 2.0" on TCR a couple years later. Now I am hoping to eventually release this new version (TANE compatible only) down the road and will provide updates as I go along.

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Hi Rob :),

Really great sets of pictures. Your route looks superb :).
I will be following your progress on this route, that's for sure.

Regards Claus
Hi Claus, thanks for the kind words!

Here's a few more screenshots taken with K&L's SRC 90 hauling a mixed freight train.







Wonderful work, even if it isn't fully up to TANE standards yet, it's still an amazing looking route.
All-in-all I'm liking the changes, it's really shaping up nicely! I especially love the water tower, updated engine sheds and Picnic Grove at Leaman Place Junction!
Great stuff, I like what I am seeing.
Thanks very much!

Wonderful work, even if it isn't fully up to TANE standards yet, it's still an amazing looking route.
Thank you Chris! It's definitely still a work in progress, but I'm shooting for higher detail (within reason) and accuracy for the real life route.

All-in-all I'm liking the changes, it's really shaping up nicely! I especially love the water tower, updated engine sheds and Picnic Grove at Leaman Place Junction!
Thanks Mark! Much appreciated! Still much to be done, but getting there!

I feel empathy for the Camelback. She doesn't seem that bad for a rough-riding bituminous-coal burning engine back in last days of operation. She could have been sold to other preserved railroads for her 2nd new career on the road.
And the trip to Strasburg Railroad in Nov. '62 under her own power was inspired by any steam locomotive in children's books or television/film.
Other than that, the mentioned "Thomas the Tank Engine" was the very train started me to love trains since childhood.
But now I hate it when they left the 1187 exposed to rust and corrosion for so long. I demand to take action about this, I even demand to fight for her operation again.
Yet if only there must be a fund-raising campaign to get the only 'Camelback' into action, just like I'm hoping for on the N&W 1218.
Rust and corrosion is nothing ... when a steam loco boiler becomes State uncertified, it requires complete overhaul, and complete new steel, so it doesn't explode, not just a polish and brush up ... Most likely she will NEVER run again

She is my next purchase on K&L Trainz !
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Hello everyone! This project is still very much alive and well. Progress has been slow unfortunately as I'm at the stage where I find myself wanting to make more 3D models than I originally anticipated. I guess this will mean a more detailed layout! I will get back to posting screenshots soon. As of now I'm also going through the tedious process of replacing most of the alpha-trees with more detailed ones, and updating textures.

And that Reading Camelback is next on my purchase list...!

Sadly I don't anticipate the real life counterpart 1187 ever being worked on again. Not much of a need for it, especially considering 7312's rebuild is slow in progress as well.
I am very familiar with Strasburg, and this route looks incredible! I have an old SRR route that I downloaded somewhere, with the idea of modding it. But after seeing this, I think I will wait - and hope - for a release. (Payware is fine...)
Hello folks! It's been quite some time since I've provided any updates. My apologies for the long happens!

What I have to present is a culmination of work that has taken place since my last update on the Strasburg Rail Road layout. Most of what is taking a long time is completing the 3D models I want to work on which is very time consuming. I recently completed the Red Caboose Motel area plus some other stuff. Much of the other progress was redoing textures and trees within the immediate areas surrounding the main line, and adding additional vegetation. So without further ado...

Here we have a very special photo freight charter taking place, featuring three of SRC's currently operating steam engines. All photos are clickable and link to Flickr if you would like to view the larger versions!

Departing Leaman Place

Entering Long Curve

Byler's Crossing

Continuing into the straightaway for the run up to Carpenters Crossing

Crossing the SRC's one and only bridge, built in 2011

Approaching the oldest cemetery in Lancaster County

Passing an area known to tourists as the location of where old "Lancaster Oxford & Southern #5" can be heard whistling back

Thundering by the Groff's Picnic Area

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm/Amazing Maize Corn Maze
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Climbing the grade through Ground Hog Cut

Approaching Esbenshade Crossing

On the flats between Esbenshade and Fairview Crossing

Passing the farm buildings at the Red Caboose Motel

And now we present...the Red Caboose Motel!


Descending into the yard limits in Strasburg

And last we leave off with the photo freight special passing a waiting Reading Camelback #1187

This route is currently still being built in T:ANE and will be released for this version, when the time comes. At this point only a handful of areas are remaining untouched from the previous V2 version that was completed some years back, but most of this layout will look so much better than before. My main focus has been to revamp most of the "visible" parts of this layout and make it as realistic as my memory will allow from all the times I've visited since being a 2 year old.

My intentions right now are to continue working on the station area with a few additional 3D models, plus a couple more custom models for Leaman Place Junction. I can say for sure though that I've gotten a lot closer to the finish line, although some work is still needed. From there, final tweaks then hopefully a release!

Feel free to ask any questions, provide comments, etc. I'm all ears :)