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This in response to Martinvk's tip in the tips and tricks thread, but it's a question not a tip.

I like not only the track that carries its own ground fill underneath but also the embankment and the cut-back bridge abutments. Do you have the kuids for those. The only way I have found of raising track without raising the ground is the rock wall in the Britain section. But bridges won't join direct to that, you have to put a short piece of hanging track.

Can the bridge in your pic be very long without intermediate supports? kuid again please. I am plagued by trying to get long bridges going diagonally over many tracks without the supports standing on the tracks so a bridge with no intermediate supports would be a great addition.
"lalfordo" if I understand what you mean about "raising the height of the Track you do it in Surveyor by clicking on the "advanced" tab and (in the dropdown panel) clicking on "adjust height".The Track spline can then be raised or lowered as you wish.As for Bridges there are a range of bridges called "CZ Bridge" but unfortunately only one or two seem to work.You can make a long span (without supports) of a bridge such as the built in "Road Steelbridge" by "shrinking" it till the brick supports disappear then doing the same with another section and joining the two.It takes a hell of a lot of practice but it works.Trust me...:rolleyes:
For rail with embankment that can be raised, try a DLS search under the description "embankment". Also try "Pont" and "Viaduct". These will also turn up a lot of bridges, so take your time and see what looks interesting. MB viaducts by Mike10 (35412) are among my favorites, but there are others that might suit you better.
One of my favorite general purpose tracks is "1 track wide ballast" by Neuman706 (47583:7000). It has a 5 meter wide grey ballast. This one has no embankment under it, but goes well on flat surfaces.
MakTrack, by Makatini, (119746:28021) is a very nice rail only track that can be used to join two bridges. Just join the track between the two and push them together until the MakTrack disappears. Only a little practice is needed to make smooth-running joints.

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Bridges and embankments

Many thanks to lewisner and tokkyu40 for the replies. I love the counter-intuitive action of shrinking the bridges to eliminate the supports and also the short piece of special track that disappears up its own b..... well, you know what I mean.