South Shore Line Announcement!!!


True New York Central Fan
I have decided to make a route of america's last interurban railroad, The Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad. For those of you who do not live in the nothern Indiana area or in the Chicago area, the South Shore is a commuter railroad that runs from Millinum Station on Randolph St. in Chicago, IL to South Bend Reginal Airport in South Bend, IN after reading some threads and riding the lines entire length (a 2.5 to 3 hour ride) three times one recently on spring break. For this to work I need Information as to how to work with advanced scenery in Trainz 2006. Locals or people who know a lot about the line should contact me and reply to this thread. And as a final note I wish to let you all know this is my first project on Trainz that I will post and I will need help along the way, if you wish to help I will need an adress to contact you on Trainz or e-mail.


mad railman91,

glad to see someone wanting to work on this. I have been collecting data and trying to build some small segments of the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad which is located in the same area. The scenery problem covers both systems. Good luck and I hope you get many responses.

This something I'd like to see very much.
I've taken the South Shore several times over the years from both South Bend (when it started from downtown, instead of at the airport like it does now) and Michigan City.
It's been a long time, but some one on the forum started the route and even posted some pictures.
I've got a couple of the cars, the silver and orange ones by landrvr1. He might have been the one that started the route.