South Bend Train Show!!!


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There is a train show at the South Bend Century Center (Over 12,000sq ft of model railroad stuff!!!) on July 12,2008 I am going there for my birthday If any one goes just look for a Teen With A Railroad Neck Tie I will be there all day looking for birthday goodies:p when it starts and ends escapes me may be you guys know. Anyways just an early heads up so you can plan ahead.

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found the Times!!!

I have found the flyer and here are the hours (the Time is eastern US time) : 10:00am to 4:00pm and admission is 5 USd and active military, police officers, Firefighters, and Childeren under 16 are in for free. The flyer also says that there will be a Train Drag race for 3-rail O-gauge locomotives and it begins at 10:30.:D
what!? no discount for people in healthcare :(

sounds like fun wish I could be there...

It is now a count down 4 days remining untill the show I am going with my dad and uncle to the show and I am stoked:udrool: :udrool: :udrool: :udrool: :udrool: :D :D :D . I have been asking for cash from all of my relitives and I will be 17 the same day. I am currentlly off of the trainz scene for a while untill my tower computer is fixed I am working from my mom's laptop and I cant stand the small keys!!:confused: so get ready for a great time I will be recegnizable from the #999 shirt and a tie with railroad companies on it if you see me just stop by and say hi!:wave:
we have a railfaire every year in november at the fairgrounds in the town where i live. i don't know how many square feet is involved but i suppose there's a website where you can find out how many vendors and modular layouts set up. i can tell you it takes over every available exibition space in the fair grounds where its held. then again its not a real big fair grounds, but there are at least five pretty good sized building involved.

its called international railfaire, although the only thing 'international' about it is one european train enthusiest club, in combination with the local division of the nmra and three or four other local railraod and model railroad societies puts it on. some of the vendors do have some none north american models and even a few specialize in them. the overwhelming majority don't however.

we have 3 train shows localy (with in a 50 miles/80kilometers of my house each year, the first one is in Nappanee over by Amish Acers in early March the one That is coming up in early july and another one in south bend somewhere in mid October, The largest that I know of is the one that is coming up in 2 days and 23 hours.