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I'm sorry... For everything...

like for causing a fight on the thread. (by the way I've finely remembered what those "pointless numbers at the end of" my "username" Are for. They are resembling my other name which is Benleet. and I'm not proud of staying on the forums when I should have been banned for a limited time

For making long threads because I was making indirect threads and letting everyone guess what my problem is.

partly even finding what the internet was because I've received so much abuse on internet games. but on the other hand I've found out so much about games and the way computers store information.

EDIT:And I'm sorry for editing threads without telling you the reason why.

I'm also sorry for being lazy on my thread saying that there was too much typing on a link on the thread asking whether you could make a steam engine into a diesel engine.

This is my aragance: I'm sorry for not saying thanks at the end of my threads in time.

Edit:For putting irrelevant messages in threads.

Edit:for making my apology list so long.:hehe:

Might add some more later

All that I'm asking is for forgiveness.:(;) From those that I've hurt on those forums.
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Difficult word

Sorry is one of the most difficult words to use in the English language...

It takles a brave person to admit it too.

Thanks. It takes a wise person to use it as well. because sorry means that you won't do that mistake ever again. otherwise it doesn't mean anything to the person your saying it to.
This must have taken you a great deal of courage to do this. To openly apologise on the forum will earn you a lot more respect, but as you say you will be alot more wiser to what you say and what you learn. You have earned my respect as a fellow trainzer.:Y: :Y:
Well. lets all hope that ill become more wiser. Otherwise no good will come out of that like last time.:^/
I remember some of the threads you are referring to and I think that now you have apologized to those who you may have upset, you are making the way to correct any problems or feelings you may have hurt.

Takes a brave person to do this and (as said) to publicly admit to them and apologies.

You have earned my respect for you.


P.S. In remembering some of your threads I thought you where already learning about the forum, the community and about people in general. Now you may have finally worked out what is best for all involved.

Yeah. I am not alone.:)

I wish that I was informed of that. Mea culpa as they say because I made a thread that i didn't have to make.:(
Sorry is one of the most difficult words to use in the English language...

It takles a brave person to admit it too.


Yes, and it is a word that Ben is becoming too familiar with.

We appreciate your candour, Ben. Now try and learn from your mistakes. You can put a point across without getting yourself into hot water.

Best wishes,
Yeah. Like that thread where I had said for an example that you could have red snow or something. that didn't really get my point across and got me into boiling water as well.:hehe:

But I wonder how i can put my point across without everyone getting angry at me like that time.
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Don't worry too much about it, Ben. You seem like a decent guy, I am sure that most forum members are sensible enough not to see conflict where there is none.

Best wishes,
not too sure about that. only one person thought that the red snow was funny and about 5 more people where really angry about it.:hehe: looking back on it it seems really funny.

At least you're not doing it live(in person). I don't know why I'm saying this as I don't even know you as a trainzer even( I know, very shocking :p). There are more people worse of than you. I've slipped up here and there(still saying sorry about a post that had a hint of politics:eek: )

Anyways...... you're doin' fine :)

;) Isaac