Soo Line & Grand Trunk Western


Now T:ANE I can get into
So let me get this straight. Soo and GTW still exist as American subsidiaries of CP and CN, repsectively? So when a CP/CN train crosses into the U.S. the operations are taken over by Soo/GT?

As long as the Soo Line exists in some shape or form, I'm happy.
Soo and GT

I hate to burst your bubble, but I believe that both Soo and GT only exist as former US subsidiaries of Canadian Roads.I am not positive about this......but I think that the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) rendered these bookkeeping practices unnecessary.Soo disappeared sometime in the early 90's and GT in the same time frame.It's just CN and CP now........sadly.If anyone else can add to this ,feel free. Randy
I think your right on that, but, I have also been told that the SOO line is a "division" of the CP Railroad. Just like the CN has the GTW Division, the Wisconsin Central Division, the Illinois Central Division..etc...etc..
I don't think there's much difference, if any, between Soo and CP today. The Soo Line identity is dying out. You generally see CP locomotives on the trains these days.