Some pictures of mine... *56K Warning!!!

Incredible power waiting on the mainline.



Watching at West Chester Road

Watching at Burbank St. Power: ELS 500, MRL 313, WAMX 5102, WAMX 5105

Wow....Your the only person that I know that also downloaded the ELS 500.....It's pretty cool to see others have it :cool: .....Now just pop it on an ELS route and your all set....Just like I did with this here: The next set will be from the Groveland Mine...So make sure ya keep an eye out for it :)....The power will be either the 2 SD40-2's or 3 SD9's.....It all will depend on where the power is on the system at the time....
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Nice screenies and locos, I hope the photographer gets off the track before there is an accident in your last shot, one should never try and cross the tracks at a railway crossing when the barriers are down....:hehe:

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.