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Jointed Rail
The other day I did some research and found out that my great-grandfather was a huge railfan (like me) and took a trip in the '40s to visit the famous Colorado narrow gauge empire in the San Juan region. I also came across quite a few vintage photographs of various trains in the Colorado area. So far I have dug out and scanned 3 of them. Here they are:


The first, and my favorite has the date "May 29, 1951" on the back. In this photo are mikados #453 (with her switcher steps) and #463 (sporting a snowplow) and C-16 #268 painted in the "Bumble Bee" paint scheme for the 1949 Chicago Worlds Fair.


Evidently, it started to rain soon after the previous picture, as evidenced in this picture. Unfortunately the photo came out very blury when taken, and there was nothing I could do about that. This picture also shows #268 in the Durango roundhouse.


The final picture is another favorite of mine and shows #453 resting in the roundhouse with the engine crew inside the cab (I'm assuming they came down out of the cab after the picture was taken to chat, or the called the cops about some lunatic taken pictures in a train roundhouse. :p

Hopefully I'll be able to scan the rest of the photos, hope you enjoyed!

Now, if only that was all true. :hehe: :cool:
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