Ski Hill/Gondola Cable car pics


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I thought we could start a thread for this. I'll post some screenies soon, I just need to edit them a wee bit. In the meantime, show us yours! :)

I just made this thread because I was bored because there were no new pics. :)


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Could you guys please close this thread? I've found other things to do. Might restart it when screenies are finished.
Yeah, can we get a mod to file this under 'Pointless Posts', or better still 'Screenshot Posts Without Screenshots'?:hehe:

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This is ridiculous...posting a thread about screenshots...then three hours later requesting that it be closed. Don't create a thread promising screenshots without having them there.
you REALLY need to stop making threads promising something, then doing nothing about it. If youe going to make a thread in the Screenshots forum, then put screenshots up. it gets annoying, and its making a few members, myself included, frustrated. Do yourself a favor and create a Thread only if you have something to show off. it'd save alot of huss-fuss capche?
I agree here, it's not only you freightcar2, but a few other members as well (who shall remain nameless). I think everyone should take a minute to read the CoC and work on their proper forum conduct. I, and I am sure many other members as well, find it frustrating and annoying to come home from school, work, or what have you to read the forum for useful information, only to find worthless posts that could have been avoided by either a quick search of the forums, the DLS, or even some simple thought beforehand. So before you go off running to the Trainz Community Forum saying that you're leaving because we're being mean, just realize this, no one is telling you we would like you to leave, all we ask is to put forth some thought beforehand. Afterall, you wouldn't ask some beautiful girl out before thinking about what you're going to say, would you? :hehe: I think we all should take a minute and think of a way we can make this forum a better place by practicing the rules placed by the CoC a little better.

Good night, and good luck!
-Jesse DuBois- :wave:
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I just made this thread because I was bored because there were no new pics.

hmm so being bored justifies starting a waffle thread well guess what it does not you should read the CoC a bit. Remember that this a a thred for postingscreen shots no waffleing.
Just some constructive critisism