Serkanner's first lay-out


It has been about five weeks since I purchased Trains2006 and during those weeks I have been busy reading lots of threads about every subject on the "old" forum.

After some initial hesitation I started building a lay-out ... without any real plan to what it should look like. Now that some weeks have passed ... and we have a new forum I feel confident enough to show some screenshots of my own lay-out.

I appreciate constructive criticism about things that could have been done better. I like tips and suggestions ... or just owww's and awww's ;)

This lay-out does not have a single theme and is most definately not prototypical ... also not the content used when I test drive the lay-out.

I do hope though that you will enjoy the pictures. Quite a number are already available, but due to the 5 pic forum rule I will spread the ones available over a couple of posts.

Have fun!

pic TRS06 - 01

A view of a narrow gauge station with rolling stock by Michael-h


pic TRS06 - 02

A BR 44 ( with Wagner plates ) is arriving at the rail yard while a Hungarian M 62 ( from HOtrainz ) is waiting for clearance.


pic TRS 06 - 03

A war-time BR 44 with coal wagons is heading down slope at maximum speed.


More to follow soon!
Thank you Alyx. I hope you like the next shots as well.

These four pictures take us a bit futher down the narrow gauge line of my lay-out. The line has ( temporarily ) four stations in total and runs through hilly terrain passing two villages on its way. The rolling stock content shown is, again, made available by Michael-h and contains a Austrain NG diesel engine and some passenger cars.


TRS06 - 05

TRS06 - 06

TRS06 - 07

TRS06 - 08
Thanks Huubbaar!

With the forum up and running again I can show some more of what I am working on:

The German BR 120 by Rene_stambke is delivering goods to the yard before it heads towards the end portal.

TRS06 - 32


TRS06 - 33


TRS06 - 34


TRS06 - 35

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Thank you Callum27 ... I intend to continue to show more pictures of this try-out lay-out to gain more experience. Criticism is therefor very welcome as I hope to become a good builder of lay-outs.

To show some more ... I have made some new screenies.

What we see on the next pictures is the pre-war German VT 18, made available for Trainzers by Rene_stambke. This excellent creation is a common guest on the lay-out.

TRS06 - 23


TRS06 - 24


TRS06 - 22


TRS06 - 20


TRS06 - 21


Today we are making a short stop and show some excellent items from ... our friends from Romania make some great rolling stock and I have driven one of their diesel engine around my boards.

Here are the picks I took during the session:




Thank you Callum for the response and the compliment.

I have taken some more pictures and would like to show them.

A close-up shot of the German DR BR 44 by "Cebenpeter":


Another picture of the German VT 18 by "Rene_Stambke"


Picture of the Bus Station:


A Austrian Narrow Gauge train by "Michael-h" arrives at the station:


Lets have some more, shall we. Here are pictures of the Hungarian MAV 62 ... an excellent machine for running large goods trains.




And two more of a former East German BR 120



Have fun!
These pictures are the last ones I made for this lay-out. After taken them I have started a new lay-out which is progressing rather well. Screenshots of the new lay-out, which is turning out much better then this one can be seen on TRAINZ.NL




Wow....For the recent screenshots, I'm nothing short of speechless. Well done! Will this route be on the DLS? Also, I like the other route aswell, I just can't speak Netherlands. :p
EKRO - Bahn

I really should change the title of this topic as I have migrated from my first lay-out to the EKRO - Bahn.

The EKRO - Bahn will be the first route I will be releasing, hopefully the "base part" of the route in early January.

The base route will contain about 25 base boards representing a hilly landscape with a double track route and three stations. The idea is to expand this base route with additional routes having different themes. That way users can decide which module they like best and create their own route set-up.

As it is ( of course ) a freeware route everybody is free to use the route in any way they seem fit: Alter it, combine it or upload it ... its all okay.

At the time I am writing this I have arrived at board 16 of the base lay-out and progress is steady. I am really enjoying building this and I hope when you look at the pics that it shows.

@ Titaniclover ... Thanks ... I am afraid you will have to learn Dutch first ;) ...

@ Callum ... Great to see you again ... I have decided to show the pictures here as well. Most have been previously posted on ( my Trainz homebase ) but for the very few who can not read Dutch i will also post them here.

@ Tokkyu40 ... the lay-out shown in the pictures will not be released. For me it was a learning route and there are too many mistakes in it for me to bother correcting them. Thats why I have started on the EKRO - Bahn, which will be released.

@ leeferr: Well ... it was 5 weeks when I started the topic, and time never stops progressing. I am glad you like the work so far, and hope you will also like EKRO.

Enough talking ... let look at some screens from the EKRO-Bahn. Some have been posted elsewhere in other threads, but I will post them here as well to have some "consistency" in the topic.





The next four pictures show the Beta-9 version of the DR BR 91 made by Yojimbo ... a great looking locomotive and I just love driving it.

The passenger train arrives and leaves one of the stops on the line.

Have fun




Nice lay-out Serkanner! It looks great. Just add some weeds and grass.


Is that loco in the last pics on the dls?
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