Seeking 1900 Era Road Bridge Splines


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I am working on Rollins Pass from 1915 a Trainz 2004 route, and we are adding a road network and would love to find if possible splines but any kind of early 1900s road bridges. I have found some from the 2009 Trainz nice Truss and Pony Truss bridges typical of that era but i fear they may not work in 2004 any of the old hands here know of 2004 Trainz bridges for roads ...this is a rustic colorado route so not paved yet :) but any type, we can work and retex if need be and permission is given by the makers... thanks for any help on this. and i will keep digging. '


Gunnison CO bridge

ah ha, ok thanks so much to look :) Appreciate the help very much.

these look like what i was looking for:
thanks to Linda for telling me about them :

Bridge Road Howe Planked [kuid:63290:37002]
Bridge Road Howe Sealed [kuid:63290:37004]
Bridge Road Howe Planked [kuid:63290:37006]
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