Searching for a loco


might be back?
Hi, This might not be the best place to put this thread but i cant post anywere else until i get my Complete trainz and register the serial. (i think thats the reason anyway)
Anyway, i am looking for a switcher unit, like a SW-7 or something. I am interested in one that is VERY dirty. I am going to be using it at a coal breaker so i would like something that is covered in coal dust. Does anyone know where i can find one of these.
Maddy25 has just what you're looking for. They're on the download station.

Sw1500 Kuids 124017:1005:2 #58, 124017:1004:2 #57, 124017:1008:2 #51, 124017:1009:2 #50.

Regards, Joe