Sad Announcement


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I wish to inform all Trainz user that even though this is a little late because we have been going through her stuff, that Ms. Krystal G. past away as of November last year, Krystal was aged 55yrs and died in Hospital after being struck down with a nut allergy that she didn't know she had. Krystal lasped into a comma from which she did not recover and her heart gave up the fight to keep her alive, it is with regret that it has taken so long for this to come trhough to you all but as we said we have been going through all her files on her laptop and this one has just popped up Sorry about that. Krystal is missed by all who knew her.
May I express our sincere condolences from my family to yours. We'll blow the lonesome whistle one last time for Krystal. May God Bless You.

My condolences from this trainzy family to hers.

Thank you for making us know and sharing this very sad piece of news.

Old Railroaders don't die, they just make their last run...
My condolences for her family. Even though i really never had a chance to meet her on the forums, i still belive it is sad to see another trainzer has passed away.
God Bless.
Sean A.
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As above, I unfortunatly didn't meet Krystal on the forums, but wish to express my condolences to her family.

Rest In Peace, and may God be with you.

It's always sad to hear that one of our members has passed on, please accept my sincerest condolences.

Sorry to hear of the lose of another TRAINZER.. The lose of even one deminish us all as a world family. Condolences to You and your family.

Alan (MATE)