Rowland Emett


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I would like to know if anybody has produced any assets based on the Rowland Emett "Punch cartoons" of the 1940's. His drawings were made into reality during the Festival of Britain in 1951. The "Far Twittering and Oyster Creek Railway" are a classic now and then and I believe some of his drawings are with the Smithsonian. He did appear to be more popular in the USA at the time. Anybody unaware of his work could try: for some pictures.

I am the proud owner of a copy of "The Early Morning Milk Train" published by The Stephen Greene Press which is a compendium of some of his best work. I would post some of the pictures but I note the "No Attachments" rule and it is, of course, copyright.

I have searched forums and the various download sites and I can find nothing. Curious for such a high profile railway enthusiast as Emett.
I'm actually gearing up to make one of his engines, 'Nellie', as we speak...both in Trains and in real life as a 7 1/4" gauge loco. Ambitious? Me? Never...