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I am modeling the Rutland Railroad in Trainz 2012. When I attempt to operate turntables with AI commands the leaving engines will not obey the posted speeds, general proceeding at 1/2 the speed limit. Nothing I've tried solves this problem except by operating the turntables manually and then using AI commands to drive the trains. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Charlie Lane
G'day clane,

Charlie, I wouldn't be at all perturbed by the 'actions' of your AI drivers. Irrespective of the speed limits that may be set for the tracks onto and around a turntable or roundhouse, even in the real world, movements ONTO and OFF of turntables EVERYWHERE is usually limited to a maximum of 5 MPH and movements into and out of roundhouses are set to the same limit. Your AI drivers are merely being safety conscious. Back in the days when I first started as a Train Driver (1973) with the VR (Victorian Railways), whilst we were still receiving our wages 'manually' (as opposed to 'electronically') and were required to fill out a time sheet for each day's work, the time sheets we 'used' were 'endorsed' with the following phrase, placed in the top right hand corner where it could not be missed; "The best safety device known is a careful man". It's been nigh on 20 years since I filled out one of those time sheets and 15 years since i stepped into the cabin of a locomotive but that phrase has stuck with me still...

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A highly experienced supervisor when I was working on the railroad (USA, Rock Island, in my case), was known by one of his aphorisms: "Consider the ink in which each rule in the rule book was first written down was the blood of some railroader who failed to observe that rule."


Thanks for your answers although I initially wondered about the correlation of real life and Trainz they did get me to thinking about the differences. At first I came up with track direction and, later, build numbers. The track direction does not seem to make a difference but the build number is 2.0 and is no longer supported. Now I need to find someone who is willing to up date the components to build 2.9 or later.
As AI has problems driving to the end of a track, and real RR's do not have AI, nor use Trainz AI type remote control in any areas, especially in engine house areas, I would drive manually ... it is much more satisfying to accomplish a scenario driving a loco manually.

I backdate config files trainz-build numerals all the time, but I have never heard of people manually updating an assets config file to a higher trainz-build numeral, as most old assets usually work in 09, 10, 12 versions
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cascaderailroad said
I would drive manually ... it is much more satisfying to accomplish a scenario driving a loco manually.

Personally I find driving manually about as interesting as watching paint dry. I find it is far more challenging to program the AI to work in a realistic manner and get it to do exactly what you want it to do. However it does take some time and effort to master it and many people either don't have the time or can't be bothered to put in the effort to learn how to do it.


With dead end tracks, you would need to place elongated invisble track extensions, with trackmarkers, so the locos have room to get to the end of the roundhouse stalls.