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I can only find one round house (turntable) in surveyor. I thought there were more in default. Also, I d/l d two today and I can't find them either. I am using 2006 and have committed everything. Don't know where they went.:(


There should be a couple from TRS '04 plus the CNR and CPR rounhouses (under those names), plus the one from the narrowgague route.

Also, check the DL'd roundhouses to make sure they have all their dependencies. If they do, try searching for them under their exact names.
I just opened CMP and did a Search for Name turntable and got 90 entries. 7 of them are builtin in TRS2006 as listed below.

NSW Turntable,<kuid:61119:1500>
Turntable A-frame 3ft with roundhouse,<kuid:63290:38201>

Okay, now if you can tell me why none of these shows up in my list I would be greatful. I have looked under objects and I have looked under trackside objects. There is no other place to look that I know of. I must have something wrong with my trainz program. I have found that little one and that's it!

I just d/l d two more and checked them and they are committed and only one listed missing dependencies. I show 10 turntables in my installed list. I then went to surveyor and there is only 1 that will show, so, I guess I do have a problem. Now I have to figure what to do about it. Also, if this is a clue, all my content has been commited but when I go to open trainz 2006 I get the message that I have content that has not been commited. That does not seem right.


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As I said, I did a Search - Name to get the list. Some of the turntables are listed as Misc, some are Building, some are Track and some are Track Objects. So this does make them hard to find.

Okay thanks I will have to deal with it, I ran a test and downloaded one turntable and remembered the name perfectly. I went to all those places and it never showed up, yet it showed in cmp. Anyway, I have complained enough about this. Time to move on. Thanks again

Hello Sardon, If you select Objects in Surveyor and open "Highland Valley" then click on "Get Object" for the two Turntables they show up as Tside Turntable AUS and USA.In Hawes Junction the one at Garsdale is Garsdale Turntable.If these won"t appear the only reason I can think of is that you may have a faulty install of SP1? There used to be a couple of German Turntables called " Wagenwende" but although they would appear in TRS2004 when I connected the track the game would crash!
The Aframe 3ft roundhouse and the ajs left closure are the ONLY two that will show even though I have downloaded 10 so I guess I have a faulty install. If I save the local folder can I uninstall and reinstall without losing my route I am building? Or do you think there might be some other problem anyway?

Before you do a reinstall, try this. Use CMP to Open the Aframe 3ft roundhouse for edit and then commit it to see if any errors show up. If you get errors and can fix them you won't have to do the reinstall.


I D LD a 110 ft. turntable also can't get it to commit. downloaded it from the DLS not CMP!

Just another thought - If you get problems like this it may be a harbinger of worse things to come, so make sure you save any work, preferably to an external hard drive.;)
Turntables are easily located by going to Objects and choosing "Fixed Track" on the second drop-down menu. If you still can't find them, there is indeed something wrong...

I have a 120ft table from the DLS with its own MODULAR (love that) roundhouse. The Big Boy just barely fits. Believe it or not, the PRR S-1 that's also on the DLS DOES NOT FIT. XP
I guess my main problem is with what they are called. just putting roundhouse or turntable in doesn't get much. You have to know what else is there ( probably before the word turntable) because I HAVE found some of them now. Thanks for the help everybody. I am not going to reinstall for awhile and see how it goes