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Since I am still working on building a rotary plow for Trainz....and im coming quite far with it, ive passed my first attempt becuase the model has alkready been imported and checked in trainz, and works fine, all the faces are sorted out

Ive been putting off making the cab view however, one because all I have to work off of is memory watching an old C&TS video. but if anyone has pictures of Rotary plow interiors (any rotary plow, anything helps) I would love to see them, so i can get to work on the last bit of modeling i need to do for it
I've been in an old Henschel one from the 1920's and the interior is very easy to do really, instead of having a small cab that extends just a foot or two over the boiler, its like a cab that extends all the way to the end. All you really need to do is model a normal steam locomotive cab minus a few bits (sand lever, cutoff, you get the idea).

The only thing essential you might need to pay attention to is the actual piston setup, the one I was in had two upright pistons at the very end, but this will be a bit of aways off from the drivers line of sight. So that should only need a few pipes in the right place:p

I Have Some Pics

Here are some pics from a rotary snow plow in the duluth train museum:D







Hope this helps:wave:

Actually I have built a Henschel rotary snow plow used by Deutsche Reichsbahn in East Germany from the 1930ies to the 1980ies. It includes an interior, based upon pictures found in a book on snow plow operation in the late steam era of Deutsche Reichsbahn.
I got stuck with development of the snow plough and its interior beyond the mesh, as I am not an accomplished script writer. The interior of an american built snow plow might look a bit differnent as it will contain american style parts, but the basic functions are still the same.
I have a number of other projects going, but are prepared to band up with other content creators for a project making a fully functional snow plow, provided there is an accomplished script writer amongst them.


ORLY? I have GOT to see this.


Yup! In fact, there's a few!

Search "rotary" with Trainz checked.
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