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If this is a place for team leaders to make their team and creations known to the public, then i`m in the right place. I would like to present my personal team, R.R.T. - Romanian Routes for Trainz , a team composed of dedicated fans, eager to transpond the Romanian trains and routes into virtual format.

We have released many items such as objects and rolling stock; the routes take a bit longer, as somebody said in the DHR progres page.(and I totally agree)

Our website is . In order to have access to the downloads page,you have to register. (safety measure). On the website you will find many quality items representing romanian roling stock,locomotives etc., and objects. Also you can check out our forum, too. There you can ask for help whether you encounter problems with the items downloaded from the website. Our forum address is as follows:

I hope you will enjoy our products.:D

PS: If this isn`t in the right place,please move it somewhere where it would fit.:p
I found this Romanian loco on the DLS.
It's the best texturing job I have ever seen and the detail in the model is superb.
Are the guys that made it from RRT?


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