Rivers in Surveyor


Prototype Operations Guru
I am modeling several miles of the Des Moines River in central Iowa using DEM maps. This means that the river bed drops in height as it goes down stream. I have tried to create water in the riverbed, but if I make the water level high enough to cover the river bottom upsteam, downstream becomes flooded. I have tried making breaks in the water, installing it at different levels as I move downstream. When I go back upstream, the river is dry - all the water goes to the latest level created. I know I can have multiple levels because the lake several miles away and 250 ft higher is not affected by what happens on the river.

Any tips on putting water in a river?
Place your water at the top level over the area required. When you want to drop the level you must start in a blank area of board below the top level, dont overlap the water. If the river is not very wide the splines mentioned below are the best way to do it as it will have an unbroken fall in the level of the water.
You can also hunt around for river textures. painting the riverbed makes the breaks in the river surface less noticable.

:cool: Claude
I use Cyberstorm's rivers and waterfalls effects exclusively including his rapids that run on invisible track at the bottom of a riverbed. It's quite impressive.;)
Sometimes they're a little tricky to set up but once done, they look great!