Reskin Screenshots! (warning large or small pics )


Colonel Klink
Hello, Well Since we have a yard and cabz why not reskin? :eek: heres some of my reskins.:D these all were done in paintshed 06 :Y:





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Isn't there already a reskin pics thread.
oh well...once i figure out why paintshed won't load ill post some good ones.:D
darn.... i wish i hadnt lost all of my old reskins with my old computer. i had TONS and i mean LOADS of 40ft reskins i was going to release, but, i lost them with "the crash" :'(
tails and amy and sometimes sonic ;)

Yeah I know, those really cool and nice the sonic and amy, tails reskiiner on cars so that amazing! I really like Sonic and Kunckle, Black Sonic but I don't know what name is Black Sonic something but those was new :hehe: but honestly with you and everyone I always watch the Sonic and Tails on Tv this morning sometime I just admit on you:hehe: :D
Shadow? ;)
i watch the cut versions on 4kids also when i feel like i wanna get up :p

That Shadow! For games lol, I was play enjoy them those really cool. Yeah of course you feel want become get up and I already get up I'm become young adult man right now:hehe: :hehe: :hehe: :eek: :hehe: