Removing trainz content


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Hi is there anyway to remove all downloaded content from trainz so i am left with only built in assets?

thats what i thought

Yeah i was thinking of doing that i just wondered if there was a better way. the content gets so messy lol
You could delete each file individually,if you don't have a lot of downloaded content.If you do it his way,you can archive all of the assets before you delete.:Y:
Depends on which version you use.

For 2004, you can just delete everything in your /Dispatcher/Downloads folder then delete the Dispatcher.chump file from the /Cache folder. 2004 on start will rebuild everything so you will only see default content.

2006/TC, I figure you go to the Installed tab in CMP and choose everything that does not have the yellowish computer icon that stands for default content. Delete it in CMP and you get nothing but default items.
Wouldn't the simplest way in TRS06 be to simply delete the content of the "local" folder and the assets.tdx file. Then open up CMP so it will build a "new" assets file ( which will be an empty database ). Done.
The Effective Way

If you have TRS2006, set your CMP search filter to "Location:Local." Then follow these steps.

1: Highlight an object.
2: Click Ctrl+A to highlight everything.
3: Right-click on something.
4: When the options menu comes up, click "Delete."

Everything but the built-in content should go away.