Regretful apologies to everyone


General Thrash
I am not sure, but I think that 'Harry James Potter' on this Forum was my son, Alastair Dussart. PLease accept my apologies if I have made a mistake on this but I am not very computer literate. I don't know anything about the Trainz Forum so please forgive me if I have broken any Forum rules. However, I think you may wish to know that Alastair died suddenly in an accident at home on 6 September. He was 30 years old and unmarried.

Alastair joined the Trainz exhibits when they were featured
at the model rail exhibitions in Glasgow and Toronto.

I have come to his computer and found that he was on the Forum at the time of his passing, hence this message.

If anyone wants to contact us, I can be emailed at the following address..
georges.dussart at

I know that he loved Trainz and it is with great regret that I am now shutting down his computer.

Good luck to you all.
Oh my ...

Hope you and others are all ok.

So sad to see such a lively, active forum member pass away so unexpectedly. :(

Best of wishes from my family.

Oh my God, that's terrible. Best of wishes, and sorry for your loss.

I honestly can't believe it.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
Oh my god I just can't believe it

he was well known on the Trainz forum and he will be missed dearly.:(

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family and friends.

Alastair was certainly a well respected member of this forum, and his contributions will surely be missed.

Thank you for posting word of his departure,

Wow, this was unexpected.
Im not realy sure what to say when a member at my age suddently passes away.
My deepest condolences to his family.

Harry was always a nice guy to us in IRC and he will be missed by all.

May he R.I.P.

My God, HJP, one of the Trainz constants. Just gone. :(

Even I'm finding this hard to believe. :confused:

My sincerest sympathies to the families and friends. May Alistair rest in peace.

-Chris (tm)
An old member, this is awful, almost unreal.. I met him twice. One time I had a cab ride in his loco, he let me drive it.. its crzy that such a guy has gone.. it makes no sense at all :(
Man, I'm still on shock after finding this one.

Hope is not a joke, I just can bring myself to belive it. He will for sure be missed.
My Deepest condolences to Harry's family and friends.
I didn't know him personally but I was always impressed with his knowledgeable, amusing and respected contributions to the forums and to creators.
He will be sadly missed by many of us here.

As being one of the few fellow Trainzers I have met, I can tell ya that he will be deeply missed by all Trainzers worldwide.

Well I don't know what to say :'( I am totally shocked. One thing we can always know that HJP will live on as a driver in Trainz and he will be remembered as the clown who runs red lights :hehe:. Lets all think of the good times of Harry/beanpole/alistar :)
Oh my God! I am so so sorry for your loss, George. HJP - Alastair - was a very highly respected member of the Trainz community and I'm sure a lot of users will be as shocked by this news as I am.
This is so sad, my deepest condolences to you and your family, it is great loss not only to your family but to our Trainz Family.

Many thanks for posting.