Red heavyweight US coaches


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Who's are these?

Where can I get them? Are they for 04?
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I think those are Australian actually, not American. You might try the DLS, if they are Australian, I would say that you might want to try Victoria or something along those lines. Other than that good luck.
I'm pretty sure those are American, and they were created by Marlboro. He no longer posts on the forum, but some of his creations are available at VMD. A NYC K5b and a Southern Ps4. As far as I know those coaches never got past the beta stage along with many other of his locomotives, it's a shame he never allowed them to be sent around.

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It's labeled as a K4 in TRS, but many things are wrong with the model; it's an old mesh. THe headlight is in the wrong position just to name one, and you can obviously tell it was till in the beta stage. As I said, it's a shame that his PRR K4 and the C&O locomotive aren't available. Marl, if you hear us please respond! ;)
Like I said, I just talked to him. He still has all the stuff, but it is on an old hardrive is does not have access to at the moment.
If someone has these, can they send me a copy of them? The red ones? They are much better than Magicland's coaches, more detailed, and you can see through the windows. I know bendorsey has some with interiors and see through windows but they're more like wooden coaches, these are steel from the 1920/1930's which is what I'm looking for. They look a little better than the default pullman cars you know the US type ones there are three of them in the default rolling stock and repainted versions on the dls. If anyone has these could they reply to me? Thanks, Robert EDIT: No one has replied to my post from today. I PM'ed and emailed Marlboro and sirgibby (who has these coaches in the Murchison 2 layout) and neither of them have responded yet. Would it hurt for someone to email me a set for my own personal use? BTW, whoever has these, is there a ridable interior view? Is there seats inside or just empty? A large number of these type of coaches are preserved and in use on tourist RR's in North America. Spiffy, why did you delete your posts?
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Hold on everybody! I just talked to Marlboro and I quote...

"...coaches and other stuff may not be distributed."

I'm sorry to have caused any confusion, but it appears that these cars will probably not grace our monitors anytime soon.
I guess we'll have to wait for him to release them to the public, or else have someone else like bendorsey make some steel heavyweights with interiors. His (ben's) coaches are wooden. I found 2 red coaches on the dls with see through windows and celestory roofs but they're Australian, and both are pullman sleepers but I wanted a coach, too with just seats. If anyone can contact Marlboro, can they find out when or if there will be a public release of these awesome coaches. There is the NP coach and CNW coach on the dls which has see through windows and viewable interior, but not as detailed as these. If Marlboro doesn't want them distributed right now, well it's his right to control his content.
I don't think they'll ever be released, but VicTrainz is working on a Australian passenger set that will work just fine.