Railfanning the Timber Ridge Line


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First off I as that no one make any posts until I am finished posting all the pictures

Edit 11-5-07

Well I'm getting closer and closer to finishing this layout. The Basic Settings Session is pretty much done, cant think of anything else to place in it for the default session. The Route itself has expanded a few times in the last week or so. Several Yard tracks have become longer, and I can only think of one more That i need to change. I estimate it should be ready to upload in a week to a week and a half.....however, don't hang me if it takes longer.....Real life still comes before Trainz....even though I wish I could just virtiualize myself into my computer, and take the controls of the Steamers in this Thread.....but when some on figures out a way to do that, call me first!

By the way, this if for TRS2006 ONLY at this time. If someone wants to convert back to 2004 for me, I will send you whatever you need. I doubt it will work in TC either, but if you want to try, again I'll send you whatever you need to make it work


Colorado, 1954. Denver and Rio Grande Western Locomotive #485 makes a Passenger run from Timber Ridge to Montview in southwestern Colorado








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I especially like the 3rd pic in the 2nd post, the wooden bridge with railings; 4th pic in the 3rd post with the logs under the bridge; and the second pic of the last post with the second bridge that looks like it was damaged.
Overall nice work.
Look very wonderful! Also, I like 2 post because they look like as real because there bridge on other side those are damage... Good work Klinger:wave:!
RE: post #6, pics 1 & 2:

1: LOL

2: Some kinda damage happen to that bridge? 'Cos it looks like you could hook it up to the mainline, and use it to launch a supercharged F7 into orbit.

*Orbiter, this is Houston. We show some sort of unidentified object leaving the atmosphere on your 5 o'clock. Can you verify, over?*

*Houston, this is the orbiter. Copy that, We've got a visual on it. It appears to be some kind of...pimped-out train locomotive, over.*


*The Object appears to be a train engine, only it's been customized with exhaust stacks, chrome Mustangs, and a flame paint job, over.*

*Houston to Orbiter, how long have you gone without sleep, over?*
you can wait until i finish and upload it

soon though, since Todd is working on the K-36's, it has inspired me to finish this route up. its been in development for well over a year now. this is the second try at it. the first was 30 miles long, and looked great, until the program crashed while i was working on it, and corrupted the track and config files for it. this one is 1round 16 miles long, and nearly complete....and backed up in like a half dozen different places
It only been made using 2006, but if anyone wants to convert it for me ill send you whatever you need

its called the MDcustom HUD or soemthing like that, its on the DLS
Again Please do not post until I am finished with the pictures

Today we Explore the town of Timber Ridge

Locomotive 315 Back out of town to pick up a string of flat cars with Lumber for the Local Lumber Warehouse


453 Grabs a line of Cattle Cars for the Meat Processor (you can see 315 in the background returning with its cars)




After the Stock Cars are delivered, 453 Heads out to pick up another string of flat cars to be loaded with Crates



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next 453 Leads its cars to the siding near the Ice Factory

"If your walking down the street and you see a Blue Police Box what do you do? You walk past it!" - The Doctor




when 480 Pulls into town, the Crew knows it will be a short bit of yard work