question about houses and buildings


i was wondering is a spline for houses and buildings better than putting them one by one.cause in the area i'm doing in grafton,wv.the roads go up hill and and when laying them down they don't look right.basically it's for the background buildings. heres a pic of mine and another of the real thing.
Hi, if you search the DLS for residential buildings, there are some Town Houses and Terrace houses that are splined, and will extend for as long as you require them. I can't remember their exact details, but if you run a search under United Kingdom, you should soon be able to find them.:)
I have 4 house splines available on the DLS. These are

Terrace 04 Spline - 133671:11009
Terrace 10 Spline - 133671:11022
Terrace 11 Spline - 133671:11023
Terrace 12 Spline - 133671:11024

Don't forget that I built the Willard Hotel.

Here is the file name and number.

Willard-Hotel-Grafton-WV-2D 33404:505004:2
Use short lengths of spline and use plenty of spline points and make sure you set the height for each spline point. While not perfect this should help.

Cheers, Mark