Purchasing T:ANE on Steam


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Hi all! I'm about to purchase T:ANE on Steam and was just wondering - with the beta I get, will I have the 393 mile ECML route? That is for the most part what I'm buying the game for, (And it's eventual release :D). As a massive british railfan I'm only really interested in British Things, thus why I asked this question. Thanks!
You are probably better off buying it on Simulator Central, that way you know you are getting the latest N3V version and will get all the N3v patches as they come out.
I would do a lot of homework before you buy. Steam would not be my first choice to buy Trainz software.
Seeing how much trouble Steam gave in the past and how it took them ages to get their version of the game patched, the last thing I would do is buy the game from Steam. The few coins saved just is not worth the trouble.