Prowler's K-36 #485 visits the Roaring Fork R.R.


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The route was built by Fireball and was available at U.S Trainz but now my link to that site is broken. Does anyone know a new link?


OK, if you can't tell, it's my first time posting screenshots in this forum. I'll figure out how to do more than one shot per post shortly.;)

The Roaring Fork R.R. is a great route. It needs as pretty hefty computer to run since it has a lot of trees. This is running in TRS2004.

Nice shots William & great to see that someone else is using this route. I've been adapting it (in a very amateurish way) for a few months & have had a lot of fun. I can't remember how I got it, but if anyone wants a copy of a much changed route, let me know. Also let me know how to get it to you.
I would post screen shots here, but it looks too complicated. I'll email them to anyone really interested.
I have about 4 locos-several wagons/riders & 3 river boats running in my scenario under A1 drivers. Not completed yet, but they all complete 1 circuit of the route.
Make sure you downloaded all the parts from Prowler's site. If you did, then post and tell him what version of Trainz you are using. I loaded them into TRS2004 and everything works fine. I'll have to try them in "06 and is if they work.