problem getting existing script to run


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Morning all.

Sorry to bother people but I'm having a few problems (again!)

I wanted to start looking at putting together a scipt/scenario in UTC, but.

The only refernce tutorial in the UTC files is very short and dosen't really tell you much. The reference.txt file it suggests expanding out of the GSC compiler in DOS is just a list of code types and formats with no explanation. The tutorial avaialble in Learning Zone refers to TRS2004 so don't know if it will work for UTC.

Any suggestions?

Also, I did down load Antshire Lite for the DLS (that took a while!!!) so I could perhaps look at how trigger points and such reacted and what maybe work out what the code references to them meant. However.
While the package supposedly downloaded successfully, when you launch it in UTC it stops and says cannot load due to script errors. plaes contact author. If you view it in Surveyor it says there are assets missing, but when attempting to connect and down load the missing assets it tells you to connect to the internet and re-lauch trainZ. It is connected!

Dosen't matter if I am connected to TRS2004 site, UTC/SP3 site or just idle on home page it will not connect and find missing assets! 8-(

The missing asstes of course could be what's causing the script error but I can't find out till it will correct the problem let alone start looking at scripting for myself.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Ian Hudson
Birmingham UK:confused: :confused: