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When I created this account, I was planning to buy Trainz. Now that I bought it and registered my serial number, I still cant post in a few forums. Is there anything I can do?
Which version did you buy?....I think some forums are restricted to which version you have registered....:cool:
There seems to be a problem with registering serial numbers at the moment.


Not quite right, the serial registration process in planet auran is working fine and sweet. Once registered, you can d/l and do all that good stuff, Its just not always providing full forum access as it should to new members.

rr5678, i'll take your name down and add you to the list, thanks for letting us know.

There has been no change in my account status since the time I registered, so I still can't post in the Freeware Announcements forum, and I've already contacted the Helpdesk, so is there any other course of action I can take to show the new route I've created?
Same problem

I also contacted the HelpDesk... very nice folks.

I received a reply that my problem had been forwarded to the Forum Administrator, but that was the last I heard and nothing has changed as far as my access priveleges.

I too can only post in this category.
Same here, I can also (and for those whom are having the same problems I think you can as well) post in the regional sections like Germany and Poland, still I would much like to post in everywhere else...


Thanks again for bringing this to our attention, at the moment we are still without a web site administrator, but as soon as we have one I will bring this to his attention as a matter of urgency.