Post times are inaccurate.


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Recently I've noticed that the Trainz Forums displays the thread post time incorrectly. Currently (as of writing) it is 10:13 AM Central Daylight Time in the USA, however my latest post displayed 8:12 PM instead of my local time of 10:12 AM. What's up with this? Just a small complaint that I think should be fixed.

EDIT: It will revert back to the local time like it did here for me after a bit of navigating through the Forums. The time is inaccurate when you first load into the Forums website, and for the next few pages afterward.
"My posts are not working. What did I do wrong?" I did not write this. I am getting a hack.
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Did you set your time zone on the forum prefs? Drop down menu, very top line of prefs, then save. Check it when done. I had to set mine 3 times.