Portals Emit To Timetable


Try following this link:-

I have found the Portal Manager to work very well although I have not yet tried it in timetable mode.

It is also worth using his Schedule library rule, this enables a schedule over a particular part of your route to be created once, saved and then used by many consists. You must start the driver schedule in Portal Manager with a "wait 5 seconds" to give the schedule time to load up.

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I believe the timetable rule you mention works only after the train has been emited. It doesn't control the emission itself.

I have now solved this using a combination of SCS2006 and Unportal and it works great.


Are you going to post an example on the TPR SCS2006 forum to show how to do this. I'm sure everyone would have an interest in your method of doing this.


Sure will. My Crewe route to be posted soon uses the method but in a nutshell:

SCS2006 controls an engine that runs along a track lined with triggers (8 meters apart seems optimal), proceeding from one trigger to the next according to the timetable. Each trigger activates a CPC:Emit train on trigger which in turn triggers an unportal to release its train (alternatively SCS2006 sets a signal to green releasing a train waiting on Wait till not red). The trains proceed under path control and autodrive.

Would have preferred to use a library call from SCS but can't get it working at the moment.

This works great and the initial scenario for Crewe involves a train every two minutes or so entering the route from one of 7 different sources.
Currently running with over 30 trains and adding more each day to test the limits of this method - if any.
This has the advantage of overcoming the limit inherent in SCS2006 of between 20-30 trains due to thread restrictions.

Also experimenting with some trains under SCS2006 control also, basically use the former method for through trains and SCS2006 for yard operations.

SCS2006 and path control co-exist quite happily in the scenario if care is taken to ensure that both systems don't try and use the same routes simultaeously - they can use the same track, junctions, signals etc. but at different times. I believe it should be possible - although I haven't tried it yet - to assemble a train using SCS2006 then drive it away using path control - just to see if it can be done.

This methodology has brought a control method to Trainz that I've always wanted as it has a lot of flexibility and control. Still exploring all the possibilities


P.S. needs PC power to do all this

SCS2006 - TRS2006 SP1
Core duo 6600 8800GTX 3DMark06 10,000+

That's a great idea. If you haven't done so, and Mike has not had the time to read this, please communicate your ideas on portals and scheduling to Mike Carter(Thackalane) at TPR. Perhaps he can add it to a list of features for the project he is industriously working on that he hinted about in another thread. This would be a good idea for future SCS users.

Thanks, my Crewe route will illustrate all these ideas.

There is another advantage of this method - trains can be identified. Having a driver in the train and having Trainz pop up a driver icon means that individual trains can be identified as you hop between them during a scenario. You can compare the name given by Trainz with the name SCS2006 can put in the message box thus positively identifying which train you're riding, its destination and so on.

This really helps when you're dealing with dozens of trains..

pguy is being very modest as I haven't seen him draw attention to his excellent new rule "Portal timetable rule". It seems to me with my limited experience to do what is required here with no complications.

Another gap in the Trainz armoury fillled. :)
Happy to learn you appreciate my Portal timetable rule.

Sorry, but there is not just now any documentation available. The documentation is in my todo list but in third position, just after some testing on some new rule and driver command ideas and a refresh/update at my documentation and tutorial web site.

I will post the information and url as soon as it will be available ...
Thanks, it's cleared up where I was being a dunderhead.

To be honest I think this rule could do with more publicity, as it solves a problem that people have been scratching their heads over for years.