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TrainzDiag troubleshooter
I have sent out two PMs one is for Stovepipe and the other is for andi06
Can you please check your PM boxes and let me have a reply ASAP
Stovepipe last updated his profile in the community about 5 years ago; none of his posts survive in the forums. Since users sometimes (often?) use the same user name in multiple communities, I did a web search for "Stovepipe", but did not find anything relevant.

Even earlier than that was his Last Activity..... January 27th, 2015 11:35 PM. So he must be about somewhere, I'm glad to say!
He has T:ANE-CE too.
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Yes I'm still around, but only have limited time for Trainz at the moment.

We have had this conversation before though. I do not want to back date my assets to TRS2004 and have them hosted externally. Even if I was interested, I've never had TRS2004 and I have no way of knowing if they will work correctly. You would be far better referencing a built-in espec from that time. There was a big change in especs from TC3/TS2009 which is where I came on board, content creation wise. This especially applies to multiple unit stock - I suggest you try using the VR EMU stock which I think dates from back then.
Hi well I did try to backdate your content just to see if it would work, there was only one fault flagged = the line max tractive effort once I had removed this it worked OK
I have not done anything with it, the file is just on my PC.
All I can tell you is the loco works with it, if it works at the same speeds or gets up to a certain speed as it does in TS2009 I cant tell you
It works as it is in TRS2004/TRS2006 with no problems is the best I can tell you