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Not sure if this is the correct place for this query, but is there any reason why I am unable to post a picture to any forum????

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Sounds like one for the helpdesk Blue.

By the way, is it deliberate torture to release the Stirling one bit at a time? ;)

Sorry about that, everything was uploaded at the same time but the loco was rejected, it seems that I got a bit too clever with some of the textures, also even though it works in 2004 with the .pm mesh they want it to work with with .im mesh, for future use 2006+, possibly. I think I have solved all the problems, and will be uploading again tomorrow. I did have a look at the DLS and was surprised to see how many downloads there were.

Regards to all those patiently waiting

Blue:D :D :D
You can't upload photos to the forum. But you can insert a photo image by using the [Insert Image] button. What you actually insert is a link to a photo stored somewhere on the internet... like ImageShack for example, or your own web host.

One of the cool things about doing it this way is that you can also make your photo or image 'clickable' so that the viewer can navigate from it.

You can use the same idea to create a clickable banner for your signature that takes the viewer to your website.

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Before you get to imageshak etc you have to download iifranview.
Because the websites don't accept the way the picture is...It has to be J.Peg etc.

Uploaded this day 8/9/07 after a two year gestation period.
Before anyone asks, the carriages later
Incidentally I have my own web pages for two years, and have had words with the server.
Blue:) :) :)
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Hi Blue

I didn't even know you had your own web page Blue whats the link that's if you've sorted out the problems with your server ?? As you said you'd had words. !!

Did you notice this on the forum blue

By the way it's good to see your back mate. Ive certainly missed all your wonderful creations

And can hardly wait for the loverly teak clerestory coaches of yours to be released

From your old mate Dave and your No1 Fan (( Popeye-Australia ))