Paddington to Bristol update


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Just to let anyone know that section 5, the one inluding Pangbourne to Didcot is now becoming closer to completion. The update is largely due to my learning curve on Trainz. I have already completed the Didcot Coal siding, and most of the triangle at Didcot Parkway, which I got miserably wrong the first time.:hehe: Anyway, I am shortly moving down the line to Cholsey and the short line to Wallingford, this was done, but due to an error I lost it, and now have to do it all over again.:eek: I am including a lot more assets on the layout this time, without reservations,so possibly I may have to reduce it to two pieces to get it on the DLS. All you will need to do then is merge them back together. I am redoing it so that you can fit it in with the existing sections. Meant to add that this is for TRS2004
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I'm also making Reading to Didcot :hehe: but more of a personal thing than any:D what year is your layout based on for trackplans? Mines in the new freightliner yard at Reading rather than the origional