Pacific National 92 Class


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Hi there when will the new pacific national 92 class be completed

and does anyone have any pics

much appreciated
From Railpage, Australia:
Business growth opportunities within Coal and Intermodal operations opened the need for a locomotive to meet both tasks. As such, a specification was developed for a 4500hp AC traction locomotive that has the hauling capacity of a 90 Class locomotive but with the ability to operate on interstate main lines. This loco could then have such features as needed by the individual business divisions incorporated into a standard locomotive, creating flexibility with the company's operation.
The 92 class locomotive is being designed and manufactured by United Groupl to Pacific National engineering spefifications.

Product designation: Cv43aci
Gross HP : 4500 HP
Mass/fuel capacity: 134 t with 7300 litres, 139 t with 13500 litres
Traction System: AC
Cabin style: Single Cabin

Depending on its intended use, the 92cl may be equipped with the following specific enhancements.

CCTV is installed for forward event video and external audio recording to assist in incident investigations (refer Snapshot #1 for further details).

Remote control secondary position provides flexibility in operations allowing the driver to remove the driving controls and operatre the locomotive off loco for more efficient shunting moves. (refer Snapshot #5 for further details).

Radio control loading allows a train movement through the loading and unloading points to be controlled by the driver remotely while at the discharge point.

3rd Information screen in cabin allows for the combination of Freightmiser and Fuel-Miser fuel saving technologies.

Distributed power functionality provides increased safety and train handling performance.

Remote data download capability allows transfer of performance date for evaluation without having to enter the cabin

In-line fuelling equipped for long range train operations.

Variable level tank configuration for maximum use of fuel capacity in high axle load operations.
A couple of pics during construction.



Might be getting a finished product pic soon.

The first unit is due out on 8th July.
There is to be a test drive before that so I will try to get a pic.

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davido will you be making a trainz model of the 92 class

and is there any chance of a south maitland railways route?
thanks davido

how many was in the order and when is the last unit expected to be done?

at first i thought it was a nr but there is some difference between the 2 the 92 appears to have "vent" on the top at the back

also is there a QRnational 5000 on the dls i looked some time ago but i couldnt seem to find one?

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I'm not sure if Davido, or anyone else for that matter, has done a QRN 5000 class. David would be the best bet, as the 5000 is essentially an NR, with some modifications and improvements. I'd like to see the 5000 class make an appearance. It would look good along side the 2800 and 4000 class (when I finish it...)

Not sure on exactly why, but from previous experience it is probably due to ironing out a few problems.

I'll se if I can find out.


//goes for a wonder out to the lounge room, back in a minute//

Edit: Back, no, actually there are no "getting parts problems" at all, its just a matter of getting it done, United Rail are taking their time with the project and Pacific National want it done now, going to get more information tomorrow when stepfather is at work.
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Hi AussieNightCrawler

Ok, we wait for your update.

Inside information is probably better.

There is no "problem getting parts" at all, it just seems that United Rail are taking there time manufacturing the locomotives, GE had to 'sign off' that parts were available before contracts were signed. This was not only for manufacture but also for maintenance and spares, Pacific National got a "runout special" on these locomotives hence the purchase, I believe that CFCLA now also has 10 on order as well.

One problem being is that the CV43ACi is now superseded by another model that United Rail are manufacturing for another contract, the CV43ACi is now about 2 - 3 years old technology.

Sorry, should have posted earlier but was relaxing with OpenTTD and got carried away and lost track of time... :hehe:
thanks aussienightcrawler what was the last order pacific national had for locos before the 92 class wasnt it the XRB uints?