Overland Limited HO Scale


Colonel Klink
Hello I give this set a 3 thumbs up and should be bought heres the link
The SEt Inculeds...
Description:The biggest and the best for serious railroad enthusiasts. From a powerful 4-8-4 steam locomotive, to an impressive consist of nine cars, this set has it all! The Overland Limited comes complete with Bachmann’s exclusive E-Z Track® snap-fit track and roadbed system, plus:

• Union Pacific® 4-8-4 steam locomotive and tender with operating smoke and headlight features
• grain car
• three-dome tank car
• flat car with logs
• center-flow hopper
• open quad offset hopper
• two plug-door box cars
• wood stock car
• wide-vision caboose
• 72" x 45" oval E-Z Track® set with 12 pieces of curved track, 5 pieces of straight track, and 1 plug-in terminal rerailer
• power pack and speed controller
• illustrated instruction manual
But the cost is outragest

MSRP:$ 225.00It is For HO scale if you like it
It's a great train. I have it myself.
The only problem I have is occasional derailing. I think it needs a little more weight on the lead truck.
Also, the greyhound paint, while handsome, cries out for a set of matching varnish. I wish they had made it a passenger train rather than a freight train.

:cool: Claude
If you're looking for actual quality and not crappy plasticy Bachmann junk, (It really ain't that good) I'd go with a nice set of Athearn Bluebox kits and a Broadway Limited Imports steamer, or if you don't have that kind of money, a newer IHC steamer.
Good looking set really, but here's the problem.
1. The engine is junk. The shell looks nice enough, but the drive system is built around the worst parts available, it uses a "pancake" motor and at maximum will last 5 years (with expert up-keep) to an basic user 2 weeks.

2. The cars are severely under weight. Though this is an easy fix (pennys work well) it's a pain.

As RooRocz said better off with Athearn Blue box kits, however BLI is very expensive, you can easily buy an IHC Premier series steamer for around $50 USD (I have 2 and they're great)
Well the track is crapy also so there are rejects to it also but i'm in an HQ train clan so... they said its 1 of the sorta good sets for ho and share it with eveyne else ( i'm the youngest in the clan) :p
I use N-scale mostly but I do have HO scale and my steam locos for both derail so often. I'm afraid that they are gonna break espiecelly when they fall of the bridge.
(Similar setup for both scales)
That's really a problem with any scale. But there are a number of causes and fixes.
1. Under-weight car/locomotive (yes even locomotives can be under weight)
2. Rough track (not just how it's layed)
3. Unrelated to 1 or 2

1. Add weight. The National Model Railroad Association has a set standard of 1oz plus 1/2 oz for every 1 inch of car (HO scale standards)
It doesn't make sense to me, but I take it as an 8.5in car should weight in at around 5.5oz.
2. When building a layout track can be rough, so check all joints and even the bed for bumps, rough edges, ect. for smooth operation
3. Always expect the un-expected, I've seen models do strange things for strange reason.