Over-the_road Frieght Haul Trailers


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I am attempting to create a Over-the-road Frieght hauling board. I have it working pretty well, using the Mack-truck (50567:15770) and a flat_trailer (50567:77778) running alone Invisable Road.

Can get them to Load and Unload goods just fine.


I want to add these as a consist and produce them from the Portal. But I can't seem to get them to come out loaded. Even after I add them, and then set up goods on them, then save it to the consist. When it emerges, it is emtpy.

Is there a way to create this trailer "loaded". Or, is there maybe on on the DLS (which I have not found) that is loaded already.
You can't get empties to come out loaded under the Produce New Trains option of Portals. Instead, under Consume Trains, check the box for Trains return after x real minutes and you'll get 5 options on load status when it comes out.

Thanks, that seems to solve most of my problem, but I don't seem to be able to control what is loaded? Seems to be kind of a rambom load of crates and other objects.

I tried setting up the trailer to handle only "General Goods" then saved the session. Started with the trailer empty, but when it Re-emerged from the portal, it had different goods on it. Any futher ideas?
Your trailer config.txt shows 9 load groups so any/all could be loaded. The best way to restrict what will be loaded is to clone the trailer and then edit the queues container in the config.txt file to only allow the commodities that you desire.

Thanks Bob, I think your suggestion to Clone the trailer and modify it will be just what I need.