opening train doors


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Does anyone have any idea how to open train doors at passenger enabled stations. I have an HST with doors that are supposed to open but I can't seem to get them to open. I feel as if it must be something simple but I'm at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi do you put in a command load or unload in the driver command box
It should look like this Drive to station A platform 1 unload load .
If you have tried this let me know the kuid number of the HST so I can try it out .
Thanks, although I'm pretty inexperienced at this game and have not mastered the driver commands yet, but I'm sure I'll work it out.


One possibility is that the HST you are using is set up for different passengers than the station is producing. Can you give us the names of both the station and the HST?
i'm not that experienced to.. but i had the same problem..

You can open also doors (if you use 2006) with door control.

If you use 2006 in surveyor you have at the top the

menu----test (with the little man picture)--- and to other options... (left top) take the picture in the middle, between the little man and the other. GYou will see a screen with 3 option when i'm right, take te lowest one... when i'm right it is driver command or something... scroll down to (passenger) door control and choose it. Save it and test it, when it's right you have an option at the bottom thing where you give the "orders" to the train, when it's right you now have a option door control to...

hope you understand what i'm saying.... (i'm not english..)

I think the door control command may be an add-on as I've never seen it in 3+ years of using TRS2006.

If you're using the built-in HST and carriages, then the doors will not open. However, if is an add-on, then they should open every time you pull up to a station.
Next time you test it, pull up to a station. If the DCC controls (if you are using them) vanish, or if the cab levers stop working, then the train is loading. After control has been returned, hod CTRL and right-click on a carriage to see if there are any passengers in there. If there are, then there is no problem with the type of passengers. If not, then there is a problem other than the train.

Sorry if any of this is obvious,