One for those with an interest in narrow guage


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Im looking for 2ft gauge trucks. Specifically flatbeds and goods vans with a UK feel to them. Can anyone tell me if there is anything suitable and if so what they are called please? Ive done a trawl through the ds but nothing springs out at me. Hopefully they will work in Tane if there are any.
Clam1952's DZ wagons are good for bogie flats, these are South African but are now seen on many UK 2ft lines. Vans there are less about. I have some 4 wheeled FR examples on the DLS and KevMT has some RNAD 4 wheelers, also on the DLS. Also look at ing4trainz ( where the Penrhyn, WD and Glyn Valley stuff may be suitable.

For bogie vans you could try the DHR stuff by narrow gauge.

For more non DLS items try this site.
You may have to clean the items up a bit to make them work but they should provide some variety in your goods stock.