Off to the scrappers.


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I got thinking about this yesterday while installing an update to another game I play. Having to free up some space, I turned to the trainz downloads I have. Sorting through them, I found dozens of locomotives that I downloaded but never ran. Not even once.

This got me thinking more and I decided to post it here. It's something of a question, since I've already done it myself.

Have you ever found yourself "scrapping" (Deleting) content that you downloaded but never use? If so, how much space did you free up.

For me, it was over two gig.
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Yes but not nearly enough! :D

(In fact I prolly just replaced 'em with other stuff I'll never use...) :(

I have about 9 Gb of custom content. :eek:


I only DL stuff that I REALLY want.

However, I have a huge amount of HD space (100+ GB free currently of 122 on this HD partition), so it doesn't currently

After deleteing the locos did you check for unused RS dependencies? I did and found about another 2 gigs worth.....

Andy :D
i rarely find my self just 'scrapping' content with my limited space on my primary gaing machine if I run out of space, I move anything i don;t need over to my other machine, which doesn't rn trainz that well but has plenty of HD space. (~400GB total)


don't talk to me about "scrapping" content.

I once had about 30GB of custom content. and I never freed it up.
I'm in the process of purchasing a new computer to get back to work on the Fairford Branch, and a few other projects. Having said that, I found that most of the stuff I scrapped; were things I downloaded on a whim. Locomotives or cars that either looked like something I wanted, or looked like what I needed; only to later realise I was wrong or in more cases than I'd like to count, couldn't find all the parts needed to make them run properly.
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I have some locos i dont use(some of them are built in)and some objects.

PS:i have not deleted any of it

PPS:sorry for misspelling some words