OCZ Technology 256GB Vertex 4 Series SSD


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Well, I ordered a second SSD from Amazon to complete my system.

The rig will have 4 hard drives and 2 SSDs.

Boot: 120 GB Corsair Series GT.
Trainz: 256GB OCZ Vertex 4 Series. Should have enough room for TS12 and the next version. Gotta think to the future.
Games: 2ea WD Caviar Black 1TB (RAID1 mirroring). Will also hold a complete backup of Trainz.
Movies: 2ea WD Caviar Green 2.5TB (RAID1 mirroring). Should hold a bunch of movies (DVD and Blu Ray).

I did have major problems with getting the Green drives to not drop out of the RAID, but after flashing the BIOS and installing the latest Intel Rapid Storage software it seems to be taking. Gonna give it a few weeks of testing before I'm sure the problem is fixed. But the way I see it, with really large drives, mirroring is the only way to go. Too many things to vanish.

Woo Hoo, can't wait to slap that puppy in there.

Windoz be zoomin', Trainz be zoomin'. The whole 'puter be zoomin'.
Sounds sweet. I have a Vertex 3 240gb SSD and I now reserve it for games with an OCZ Revodrive 3 240gb as my primary drive. The Revodrives have come down in price quite a bit lately so I might think about another one.
I imagine running Trainz on a Revodrive would be crazy fast.

Hopefully the OCZ will run as sweet as the Corsair, because that thing could run some Trainz. This game was made for SSDs.
Well, I got the drive installed.

Ran CrystalDiskMark (64 bit) with the default settings, which I believe is using incompressible data. The Corsair has much faster writes using compressible data.

But, here are the results:

I currently run trainz off of an OCZ SDD V4, so far no problems, and it loads fairly well. Very satisfied thus far, database work has never been so easy...