NYCTA R26/R28 original body color?


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Does anyone remember the NYCTA R26/R28 orginal body color? It's hard to check from photos in books and I think that it's dark red. The photos in "NYC Subway Cars" book made it look like a shade of purple.

Hi Jeff Morris and if I can remember the colors when they first come out is was a drable Green or a drable brown the R27,28,29,30, in the year 1960 Red was the last color. Mario:)
Jeff Morris:
I'm a huge fan of your subway cars. They are neatly although simply constructed. As an artist the "less is more" approach was practically gospel among my fellow co-workers. One thing that I think needs improving though (appearance-wise) are the early IRT cars that resemble LoVs but don't quite have the look because the split window on the 6 doors of the prototypes are missing from your versions. I don't think that much work would be necessary to add those split windows to both the clerestory-roof and deck roof car models on all 6 doors. Then they would have the authentic IRT LoV look. Even a split window in the center doors (only) would resemble earlier IRT HiVs. A split window in the old red cars with center doors in the center door only would be appropriate since those center doors were modifications to the original prototype cars. I continue to collect and run all your cars. Thanks for sharing them.
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