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Hi All
I have a problem ( don't we all ). I have downloaded three of Harcourts routes but when I come to load them into surveyor it tells me there is missing content but load the map anyway. Fair enough says I. So I load TO and check the routes and TO tells me that nothing is missing, so what gives?
Can anybody shed any light on this delema please.

What is happening is you are missing a sub-dependancy (a dependancy of a dependancy). TrainzObjects can check these (to an extent) if you ask it to check dependencies - not just the standard missing objects. The trouble with this is it seems to miss anything which isn't explicitly declared in KUID tables. If this is the case then I'm afraid the only option is to look through the config.sys file of every object in the route looking for a KUID declared that isn't in the respective KUID table. It's an absolute pain in the proverbial I agree - I had this problem with a route I built myself and it took weeks to find the offending item (an icon for a whistle sign it turned out).
I wish you luck in tracking it down.

Dave Bird
Look for objects that go together. I used a swimming pool once that gave that error until I added the pool administration building.
An alternative is to save a copy of the route under a different name, then delete baseboards from the copy until the message goes away. Then you'll have the location of the problem, if not the actual asset.

:cool: Claude
Andi06's junction and station kits are frequent offenders for this sort of thing - I don't know offhand if any of these are in Harcourt's routes, but if they are it would be a good idea to download the whole of the relevant pack...

As Dave says, you are probably missing a sub-dependency.

To find out exactly what is missing - fire up TO, have it analyze the route, then right-click anywhere on the field and from the pop-up menu select the option 'Check custom content for missing dependencies'.

Andy :)
on this note, once a blue moon i get my OWN map that i am working on, tell me there is something missing, now latly i have been shifting through my content and getting rid of stuff i dont use, but i started this map after, and its done it before i even started the autum cleaning... i just thought id tell you all, as i have nothing better to do at this time, maybe ill have a bacon sarnie to take my mind off it, anyways back tothe point, it doesnt bother me, just scares the livving c**p out of me
The O.P. did not tell us what version or build of Trainz he is using.

In the past there was a problem of a route not having it's own kuid listed in the kuid table, and that would throw the missing content error too.