No Well Designed NYCTA Elevated Track?


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Ok. So. I understand that people can create well designed subwaycars. Or any other kind of rolling stock. But I want to know why nobody has made well designed NYCTA elevated track. I looked as hard as I could for good eleated 3rd rail track. Any Help?
I can't comment on the quality of these things, but on the DLS there are items for elevated track by author 58843: and a whole heap of NYCTA-related stuff by author 44558: Did you come across these?

- Dean
The problem is, most of my elevated track needs to be re-built to be "well designed", as it was all created several years ago when I actually had time to do things like that. Now that I have the skills to make "well designed" elevated track, I don't have the time to do it. Expect something sometime, but don't hold your breath...