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Free for 24 hours with a fully legal registration activation. Be quick though, it's only free for about another 20 hours or so.

Here is a bit from the website:

Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder is an excellent yet easy-to-use program to convert video to Flash files that have very small sizes and are easily distributed by E-mail, FTP upload, or just regular storage devices. This video to flash converter provides you with different styles of Flash video Players and Flash Templates, complete with various video effects and background music.

Here is a pic of a quick .swf file using one of the many templates available.


Here is the 6mb flash movie the program produced, quite simple to use really, about 4 mouse clicks and it was done, it took about 4mins to add the template and convert the 10mb .flv file to 6mb .swf file.

Wiley :)

Link: 6mb's flash file