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I have just purchased 2004 and I am pleased with the prog.
However I have tried to download a scenario from the DLS and I have missing bits. I have used trains object to find missing links and added to cart. Trainzhelper seems to download OK, but I can find no trace of missing kuid in my trainz site. If I download file and use Content Dispatcher it shows up.
Where am I going wrong. !!

A few questions come to mind.

1) Are you running TRS2004 build 23xx version 2.4?

2) Some items from the DLS requires PaintShed as a dependency. Have you downloaded it, installed it, created an item with it, and have saved it?

3) Have you also checked the map for missing dependencies with a Program called TrainzObjectz?



Thanks for the prompt reply

I didn't realise that you had to create an item with the paintshed before you could down load.

Yes I used TrainzObject to find missing dependencies, That's how I found out what's missing.

my version of 2004 is 686 2.0 I downloaded the latest version, but that refuses to run with no error messages either, just goes back to the desktop.

ah I see the problem. You are running build 686 and version 2.0. You'll need to download and install the 686>2370 patch then to be up to build 2370 and version 2.4.


I have tried that and all it does is fail to start. I downloaded the update last week.

I get to the orange lights then just a return to the desktop.

No error messages or anything.

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I have removed ad reinstalled the whole program after your last message and everything appears to be OK.

I have no idea why I had no luck last time, I had installed everything in about 3 different ways but it would not go passed the orang signal lights on startup.

Anyway thanks for the help, all I have to do now is get the scenario downloaded and working.