New Screenshots from my New Haven Route (Including new Reskins!)


Analog Kid
Hey folks,

I know it's been a while, but I've got some more work on my New Haven image Highland Valley, specifically the Lumby area. I've also gotten a few skins done as well. So, without further ado...

A C425 arrives in Lumby with a waterlevel local in true New Haven style, mixing heavyweights with lightweight streamlines.



Next to the station are the two engine sheds for the two New Haven engines that work the New Haven/New York Central interchange yard. In the left shed, an RS1 is being repainted (thanks to Nikos!) and the painter's equipment is in the streamline baggage car in front of the shed.

An S2 is housed in the other bay...

On the side of the shed is the visiting engine siding where a New York Central GP7 is spending the night. The NYC freight house a few yards away has sleeping facilities for crewmen, but the crew off the GP7 is spending the night in their N7a caboose off the general merchandise they brought in from earlier in the day.

Here is a somewhat of a birds-eye of the facilities, showing the NYC freight house.

At the other end of the facilities are two silos where NH freight equipment is usually stored. The track on the right is for long freights and silo service storage only. On the center sidings, we see a branch merchandise train set up for the morning and the FA1 that will take it resting alongside it.

I hope you enjoy these!

Great work!!!

(And I can't wait for the release of that U-Boat and the other rolling stock!!)

The New Haven lives again!