New crash video

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Amazing stuff. I wonder if crashes like these happen in Trainz? Whenever I crash trains in Trainz, each individual train car slants at 30 - 45 degrees after I crash them. The same thing happens at 10 MPH or 100 MPH.

How can I make crazy / wild Trainz crashes?

Also if you're in the mood for more wrecks, you GOTTA watch these.
Aways loved your videos.

Who said trains can not fly!:hehe:

Veristek You can make crashes Like that, just set up a
ramp at 3000 m high and make it really really long so your
trainz get to a good speed (2000 kph) and make a good jump.
but you have to decouple the load from the train just before the, jump or it will stick to the end and just drop...
Is MSTS so boring that people have to resort to physics defying wrecks to get any enjoyment out of it?

From my experience with it, yes, that seem to be only entertaining aspect about it. The collision model is solid which makes bouncing them around fun. Other than that, well, that's I switched to Trainz.
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