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0099 Reskinning Help Thread

Hey All

Now i know this probably has been asked before but i cannot find anything.

Im just recently got the urge to do some reskins but i cannot figure out how to load the textures into Photoshop. Ive tried almost every button in CMP but nothing lets me access the texture file.

Edit* I will make this a whole thread so i don't have to make lots of threads ill just ask in here

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Have you,right clicked on the object in question,then go to Edit in Explorer?
The files which you need to edit are in there. They are usually TGA or BMP files. with the rare occurance of a .texture file. Those are the files you need to look for in order to edit them. Once you find them (for example body.tga) you would right click on it and choose open with. Then if you havn't done this already Windows will ask you what you want to search the web,or would you like to choose a program from a list. Choose the second one. Then a list will open,and choose photoshop or whatever editing program you are using.
Now all files of the same type(.tga) will automaticlly open into that program.
Happy reskinning;) :wave:
Ohhh i see now thankyou , I wen't past there and diddn't even think of that:eek: .

Ok found what im doing now.

New question to:) .

Awile ago i found a website to get the RGB colour codes for NSWGR etc locos but i can't for th life of me remember where i found it.
go and look on VicTrainz. There is a thread over there with some links for the colour codes :)